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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  December 14, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is fox5 local news at ten. right now at ten, a runaway d.c. government vehicle jumped the curb outside a popular theatre and sent one person to the hospital. we are live on the scene with the latest. save the scheme try, the eforts z to preserve a historic burial site, plus the confrontation between protestors and police. then was she fired or did she quit? omarosa rights to set the record straight about her sudden departure from the white house. the news at ten starts right now . we begin tonight with a chaotic scene at a popular d.c. theater. a d.c. government vehicle somehow crashed in front of the warner vehicle with no one n behind the wheel. the crash sent one person to the hospital. fox5's lauren demarco is live at the scene tonight with the latest. how is the victim doing? >>reporter: shawn, it's a woman and miraculously she is expected to reov
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the van has been toed away, but look at the skid marks left behind as it hopped the curb here at the warner theater and then slammed into the steps right where people enter for shows. there is some broken cement and you can also see debris roped off here. this all happened right around 7 p.m. as families were lined up getting ready to head in side and see the washington ballet's the nut crack he. it was a department of public works van. the driver was not inside so it was un occupied at the time and for some reason began to role down 13th street, then hospital the curb here. it struck a parking sign and then at some point struck the woman. she was taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries. it's not clear whether she was here to head into the play or she was just you can whatting down the street. we tried to ask warner theater, no answer from them. d.c. police and the mayor's office quickly assured us -- i really didn't see much
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heard the vehicle jump the curb it made a noise and then bam all hell broke loose. i looked over and there was nobody driving the thing. this poor young lady got hit. we saw the woman on the ground. how did she look? she was conscious. we couldn't really get close because the security here was asking people to step away. they were saying, you know, please get back because there was nobody in the car. who knows what's going on so they just told us to get back . that was lauren demarco, thank you. the massive thomas wild fire in southern california has turned deadly. a san diego firefighter corey i ever son was killed while fighting the flames . he leaves behind his pregnant wife and two year old daughter much the thomas fire is the fourth largest in california history and one of six major wild fires currently burning. new tonight, charges have been upgraded against the man accused of plowing a car into
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protestors during the white sue prem tis recall any charlottes ville. back in august a group of white naturalists gathered in charlottesville spurred by the plan to remove a statute from downtown. during the chaos fields allegedly drove a car into the crowd of counter protestors killing heather higher. he claims he feared for his life during the protests and mistakenly hit the accelerator. >> we're following breaking news out of charles county tonight where police are on the scene of a deading shooting. we're told a man suferlg from gunshot wounds was found eight:30 on spruce street and holly avenue in waldorf. he died at the scene. so far no word on a suspect or motive of the these are newly release images for a man wanted for a stab in alexandria. endless taylor is his name. he is accused of
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bing he news. you can see a tattoo on taylor's neck that say s pray for me. detectives recovered the victim's phone. they say it helped them identify the suspectment a d.c. massage therapist has pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting three female clients charged with sex abuse and assault. he's accused of touching three women one at tenl town and one near dupont circle day georgia last i will face up to five years in prison. his sentencing is set for spheb. funeral services were held today for the two off duty officers killed in a crash along 270. family and friends gathered to remember deputy chief sandra cohen. they were present in gaithersburg for funeral
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year fbi veteran carlos wolf. the investigation into the death that led to their death itself is still ongoing. a local church says once again a historically black burial ground in bethesda is under attack. the county board is expected to approve a project for a sell storage facility to go on are the remnants dating back to the late 1800s. evan lambert is live on the story. evan, what are they saying tonight. >>reporter: we understood that this was approved. according to this sign heerks the storage facility will be built here and the controversy comes from the fact according to the church they say that the bones of their ancestors are underneath the parking lot here just under the residential towers. they say that pleads into this lot right here. we talked with a member of the church. we also talked with one of the soon to be storage facility. listen. the planning department is going to
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another stluk tour on top of mosts african cemetery and so we are here to protest. other site of december cession for our ancestors. it's dispointing. we're hoping they change their minds. we're very excited to be part of the community. we are the first ones thatonated land to the project, so hopefully wounds will be heeled and they'll be receptive to it because we want them to be a part of it. we're doing the benches and the display cases to celebrate the history of the black community and all the history of bethesda and the river road community. >> now the meeting also turned into a clash between protestors and police working security at the planning pored's building. the board has a policy outlawing signs bigger than a standard sheet of paper. many protestors were holding black lives matter signs on poster boards, the board chair made the
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hold the signs backwards so the weren't visible. protestors say that was a violation of their first amendment rights. we were using a pieceful protest to basically talk about our concern s and casey anderson basically had the police come back here and threaten us that if we didn't put the signs down that they were going to force us to leave the meeting. and i tried asking the board chair about that sign policy and why those signs weren't allow to be held in that public building. he refused to answer my questions. the church says that they will boy cot the storage facility that right now is plan ned to be built on this lot. live in bethesda, evan lambert, fox5 local news. >> new allegations of sexual miss quon duke against actor dustin hoffman. we'll tell you what he says to say about the allegation l taking sticker shock to a whole new level. the price descrfe
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i66 toll road. q. a big blow to equal access on the internet. we're talking about net neutrality. but what does that mean. most people do not understand how that effects them. we're go doing break that down for you. i'm looking forward to that report because i don't understand wait is, either . i can tell you this, though, it looks like once again tomorrow morning we may have a close and brief encounter with a few more snow showers. we'll give you a close peak at the friday forecast. fox5 local news at ten will be right back. .
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carefirst medplus, the name you know and trust. here for today, and whatever comes next. medicare supplemental plans from carefirst medplus. live fearless. find a medicare plan for you at developing tonight dustin hoffman is facing new l allegations of sexual misconduct . three more women have quom forward telling their stories to variety magazine. one of the accusers said she was 16 when it happened. she claims the actor e
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hotel room in 1980. the other women said he sexually assaulted them while he was shooting the matter for shy tar. a lawyer says they are defamatory false hoods. did you hear the fcr voted to dismantle the net neutrality rules. it's a peel of the obama era regulations will some say will reshape howw it mean correspond coffin joins us. >>reporter: let me finish up my service providing internet that i'm dealing with right now. let me tell you exactly what this means. essentially everybody needs to understand the importance of this because it affects everybody. what this means for 2015 these rules that were put in place. it means that your internet service provider cannot block your content. it means that they can not slow your content down and it means they cannot priorities some websites over other
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websites that pay more money. it was put into place in 2015. repealing net neutrality changes everything. let me break that down for. it puts the poweback in the hands of your internet service provider. it lets them charge for deunder ma. think of it as a toll road. the more speed a website needs to run like streaming video, for example, the more they're going to have to pay. you may be thinking netflix can afford to pay. they're a huge website. they'll likely put that cost onto you which means you're going to pay more. some say this will hurt startups and small businesses who do not have the money to compete with those websites. they don't have the money to go into the massachusetts lane and repealing net neutrality will provide your internet provider to block websites. for example they could maybe block the competition. they could also put a cap on your data much like your cellphone plan. you need to make sure the internet remains open for novation and w
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things are tilted in favor of those disrupt ers, those entrepreneurs that are really trying to launch new things not the existing incumbents trying to protect their load. many internet technology exploressers say the interest internet flowshed before these rules were put into place. they argue that the red tape imposed by net neutrality is actually hurting novation and without government intervention new programs will be free to sprout up and grow within the free marketplace space. in oklahoma, montana and other places, these are companies that have told us in the record that these rules stand in the way of them building out their networks. there's going to be two actions going forward. one is going to be 18 states that are suing right now. they're trying to get the fcc to have to reverse their ruling today. it could go to the courts of the the next one it quo go to congress with the congressional rev
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but in order for the congressional reveal act t repeal what the fcr voted on today you would need the house, the senate and the president which is most likely not going to p that. so something that we're going to continue to watch >> thanks for the explanation, correspond rivment meanwhile the toll for driving the ten mile stretch on the new i66 toll lane in northern virginia hits a new height. a driver tweeted this image around eight:30 this morning from the toll road, the price 44-dollars, chris cane 82 also wrote, that that's insane. drivers have expressed outrage over the pricy tolls. last week the northern virginia transportation commission met with frustrated drivers hoping to propose a resolution for the skyrocketing fares. capping toll prices and changing the hours when motorists are charged tolls. no word on when any of the proposals will actually happen. let's take it outside right now because it is chilly out there, 33-degrees.
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that's warmer than it was this time last night. is it a little warnler, sue or are we good the same? >> i this i we were about 33, 34 last night. it's not gusty. we still have winds out of the north about 12 miles an hour so it feels color than 33-degrees even with a few clouds around. let's check the temperatures right now than then we'll let you know where they're going to be heading down to tonight. let me just show you that wind chill . it feels like 24-degrees so 33 requires a layer tonight. and as we look around the rest of the region we've got a lot of places already in the mid 20s so it's definitely going to be a cold one tonight. just thought i'd check the wind chill for you as well here. it feels like 14 in frederick and hagerstown. eighteen dulles, winds are going to probably stay out of the north at about 10 miles an hour tonight. get ready for overnight lowe's that will feel like they're in their upper between teens
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cold air stays locked in for tomorrow. there's a reason i have those flurries falling in those picture there. it looks like we might have another close call, this time not a clipper but a system that's going to head to the coast and may brush us with some snow snow showers again on friday afternoon. normally that wouldn't be a big deal, but it's so cold and tomorrow will be cold again that anything that falls it's going to be able to stick. we think around the bay, around baltimore over to the beaches you ma i have enough to coat areas and maybe in a few spots you get a half inch to an inch. d.c. on west probably just flurries. keep in mind that anything is not treated might be a little bit slippery and we don't want you to have any surprises for your friday evening commute. it will move quickly. i think it's mostly out of here by about 35bg . it may have an impact on your early stages and the weekend. a pattern change a little bit later. a big night at the cinema here in the distri
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lined up outside of the up town stheeter, maybe one. one person we tbhoa of was camping outside waiting to get in. it's been a highly anticipated movie. people camped out as you saw there to see the first showing of new film. i'm sure there were plenty of people standing in line who took pictures. in other places. >> i'm sure it was really good, too. i know a lot of die hard fans that waited to see that tonight. the post-it chron kals the life of catherine gram the first woman publisher of a major american newspaper. it drew a star studded audience to the museum and our kevin mccarthy was on the red carpet. i am here at the new museum where the director director of the post. i caught up with steven spiel greenberg himself and the rest of the cast about the importance of being here in washington, d.c. tonight at
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for a story about the pentagon papers. i wanted to ask you and i know the screen play is intact but i'm wondering when you direct a film what is the key to telling the story and making us forget the ending and have knots in our stomach and questioning what's going to have. is there a key the way you shoot a scene to make us forget the ending. i wish it were that simple and i could tell t it to you in a sentence but it's not. it's delicate puzzle parts that all go into a soup that hopefully the audience will drink it and feel like they never heard the story before even though they s how in the back of their mind know how it's going to end. we were talking about how meryl streep knocked over a chair, i'm curious, what is the favorite happy accident that happened that turned into a great moment the most recent one is where merrill playing kay gram came into a master shot and knocked over a
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great. she said, no, i didn't intend that. that was a complete accident. have the same accident on take two, three , four, five, six and seven and she did. there's a great moment in the film when sarah paulsen and you are in a photo with jackie kennedy and jfk and to me that was cool because that's when you showed jfk's hand in forest grum p. when you re-create a photo like that, how do you do that. >> we sit down on kutch and they take photographs and they put it together later on. i'm wondering how this has changed you as a person and a producer. i think it's changed me in the way that i h think about women, the way i think about myself. the way i give myself more credit. i think all of us have a voice that sometimes we don't let out and i think it's a good thing to say whatever we thivment you can watch all my interviews with the cast of the post available on
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fox5 d.c. i'm kevin mccarthy. it looks like a fast \fate\faithing movie. i can't wait to see it. up next is paul ryan's political career coming toen a end soon. his response to rumors swirling on capital hill. was she fired. omarosa tried to set the record straight about her sudden departure from the white house. before we go to break, coming up tomorrow d.c. cares and make a wish mid atlantic will be granting a little boy's wish to become a k9 police officer. his name is amber and we'll be live with him as he helps the city solve lives . you can stay with us on fox5 morning and on to cheer him on.
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>> is house speaker paul ryan about to hang up his political hat. the house speaker considering retiring after the 2018 midterm elections. accord ing to politico ryan has told people close to him his current term will be his last. ryan smiled when reporters asked h i am about it today:thank you very much, everybody, appreciate it. no. congress in 1999 and was elected speaker in 2015. for the first time since her abrupt
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aid house aid omarosa tried to set the record straight. she spoke today on good morning america. there were a lot of things that i observed during the last year that i was very unhappy with, that i was very uncomfortable with, things that i observed, that i heard. >> such as. >> i can't expand upon it because i have to still go back and work with these individuals, but when i have a chance to tell my story, quite a store to tell as the only african-american in this white house as a senior staff and assistant to the president i have seen things that have made me uncomfortable, that made me uncomfortable that have affected me deeply and emotion limit and when i can tell my story, it is a profound story that i know the world will want to hear. >> whatever she has to say we know it's going to be fascinat ing. she came out publicly as a reality star. that's how we all know her and sort of the way she's coming out of the white house in reality
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a story. >> i imagine she will. she certainly sold it. i think that was the goal. >> tax reform could eater be a big accomplishment or a big disappointment or the president. >> the gop still isn't sure it has the votes on the final measure but we will update. he is a tough young boy who is going to have one of his dreams come through. we will introduce you to ember who is about to get his wish to become a k9 officer.
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welcome back the animals at the london zoo caught into the christmas spirit today. santa stopped by, look they got packages, they got stockings. it helps the animals get ready for the who l days. it's their chance to use their natural skills. >> a chaotic scene at the warner theater sent one person to the hospital. what happened, right now on the news at ten:30. this is
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right now at ten:30 a van with no one behind the wheel gums the curb outside of the warner theater. we've got the latest on the qun of the person injured in the chaos. then trying to reach a compromise the gop rush ing to hammer out a final version of its tax bill that one republican senator could be a road unit. the ob unit at a medical center shuts down. will it ever reopen. the ten:30 begins now. hi, everyone off the top, a local church says a historically black burial ground in bethesda is under attack. there are plans to put a self storage on what is the remnants of a cemetery. evan has details on the controversy. we will check in with evan in a few moments. meanwhile we have a chaotic scene outside the warner theater earlier tonight. a d.c. government vehicle somehow crashed in front of the theater
10:31 pm
the vehicle jumped the curb, one person was taken to the hospital but she is expected to be okay. charges have been upgraded against the man accused of driving a car into a crowd of protestors in charlottesville. james fields is charged with first degree murder. back in august spurred on by the city's plan to remove a confederate statute. riots broke out. during the chaos fields allegedly drove a car into the protestors killing heather higher. he claims he feared for his life and mistakenly hit the gas. >> next votes are expected in congress on tax reforms. republicans can still not guaranty whatever they come up will make it pass their own party. mike emanuel with the latest. >>reporter: i'm so excited that we're on the cusp of this great accomplishment. senator marco rubio said not so fast on the issue
10:32 pm
unless they can figure out a way i won't support the vote. >> mike lee said he's undecided about tax reform pushing more with rubio. a democrat saluted that effort. it's good that some of the debate is about enhancing a child tax why. our side will actually go a lot higher than senator rubio but it's good that he's making the effort. despite rubio and lee's resignations they expect to role out \tax\tacks reform tomorrow. some of the key points according to congressional sources, 37 percent is the top individual rate to help people in high tax states. corporate tax rate dropped from the current 35 percent to 21 percent in 2018 . state and local tax deduction known as salt capped at $10,000. repeal obamacare individual mandate. man contain deduction for high medical expenses, ryan was asked today why the tax plan isn't more popular. if you look at the
10:33 pm
s signature tax reform something like a month before it passed 18 percent of the people poled thought they were going to benefit from it. this is the nature of the debate on things this big whriek \tax\tacks re form. this package would most benefit bigger corporations and upper americans and top democrat s have jumped on that analysis. it's highway robe. it becomes even more kowd adder ly, outrages, dishonest brazen theft for middle class families. ryan has told those close to him he intends to re tire after the 2018 midterm elections. there's buzz on the hill ryan could leave even sooner. today he brushed off a question about his future. i'm not -- on no. >> tax reform would be a dream come true for speaker ryan and faced with more tough fiscal votes it's not likely
10:34 pm
capital hill mike emanuel, fox news. >> the president speaking about a two for one deregulation rule that he signed into office just days after he took office. it ordered departments had to kill two regulations for every new one they issued. now 11 months later the president says that goal was exceeded. earlier this year we set a target of adding zero new regulatory costs onto the american economy. today i'm proud to announce that we beat our goal by a lot. instead of adding costs as so many others have done in other countries frankly are doing in many cases and it's hurting them for the first time in decades we achieved regulatory savings. >> the president capped off the event by cutting, a little bit of a extent here, red tape on a mass of regulations. texas
10:35 pm
not seek reelection next year. the republican is back under the microscope for a sexual harassment lawsuit from three years ago. he's accused of settling the lawsuit from a form er aid with taxpayers' money . fair hold has also acknowledged previous reports of an inappropriate culture at his office and has apolys jooked. he is the fourth member of congress to resign this month. another lawmaker's future on capital hill could be in jeopardy, a second woman has accused reub in key within of making unwanted advances. she claims he touched her thighs three separate times sent her a shirtless photo and asked her to sit on his lap. so far key win isn't responding. >> standing in front of missile debris nikki hail i claims she has evidence it included a comcast i boat, a drone than a anti tank guns. the us is now pushing for other
10:36 pm
violating un resolutions that prohibits iran from supplying weapons. back in october they declined to cooperate with the deal. everyone has focused on the nuclear deal and iran has hidden behind the nuclear deal constantly threatening to get out of it. but these are the things they're doing while we're all looking the other way. haley announced the us will build a coalition to look into what could be done to stop the regulations. claimed the us fabricated the allegations. >> the ob at the medical center was shutdown. the license was suspended for 90 days after problems were found inpatient care. now the umc board voted not to renew the license. they claimed many mothers had heard of the unit's reputation and had already chosen to seek other medical care at other hospitals many
10:37 pm
an opportunity to start over with a new operator and model for patient care. this just simply adds to people feeling like they're not, you know, treated with the respect that they should be treated with, that there's in the a commitment to having equitable healthcare on the east end of the city and at it leaves people with a feeling that they're not cared about. the board says it cost mills of dollars to have a quality ob unit but they say this doesn't mean they will never open ear ob unit again. coming up next we're going to introduce you to this young boy who is about to have his wish to to be a k9 officer come true. as we get closer to why is mass day, consider making a child's wish much brighter. all you have to do is drop off an unwrap ped toy at any of the hyundai dealersship from now until december 20. those toys will all be donated to childrens hospitals.
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you what, tomorrow get ready to bundle up in the morning. it is cold now, it will be even colder at the bus stop tomorrow. the range will be 20 to 28-degrees. we'll have some sunshine, but it won't last long. after school you may have some flurries to deal with at the bus stop as temperatures range between 32 and 36-degrees. i know it's a little tough to take, but we do have warmer news on the seven day forecast. i'll share that with you in just a few minutes. from holiday cheers to holiday geezer on the road, aaa expecting a record breaking number of americans to travel during the upcoming holiday season. more than 1,007,000,000 people will be on the move with most driving to their destination. meantime the mouse is teaming up with a fox in a major media deal disney is buy ing some key assets from 20 century fox of fox news and the fox business network, the deal including fox's
10:39 pm
both stocks trading higher on thursday. it looks like shoppers are going online and waiting in line this holiday season. retail sales rising nearly 1 percent in november. we got an expected surge in online sales but it turns out people were hit hing the malls as well, especially electronic stores. and santa is making a stop at the office according to a new survey by year builder more than half of bosses plan on giving holiday gifts to their staff much that's up from last year. and get this one in five workers plan on buying something for their boss. that's business . i'm david asman.
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merry mode ride experience. between now and sunday you can request a car that is all decked out to look like an ugly holiday sweater. all fares from merry mode rides will be donated to the nonprofit martha's table. sue's car. much cleaner than my car. >> he is an adventurous and energetic boy despite battling a live battling illness is ready to help everyone in need. make a wish foundation will grant his wish to become a police officer he is a star. tonight we want you to meet ember. i'm ember and my wish is to be a k9 police officer. this is my lego set. explosion. he's a light. he's been through a lot. ember now eight years old was boorn with cystic
10:44 pm
two than a a half he had two surgeries that removed his right lung. he has to have breathing treatments throughout the day. he has got a tube in his belly and he gets feedings. blight and out goes ember had to be home schooled for a few years, but a new medication now allows him to spend his days in elementary school with all his friends. he's still this wonderful being, this wonderful child. he's already gone through so much. to see him rise above it, you know, just in this amazing way, keep cool, to be who he is. and i watched police videos and those are awesome because i like dogs. i like puppies. and i like, like, really wanted to be a policeman when i grow up. so i went like in my mind why not be a policeman with a dog? it's a wish that ember knows
10:45 pm
time to grant. these are the two police officers i have. until then he thinks about what he needs to do. you have to take pictures of, you know, clue s. you get to arrest people . for his mom ember's wish is about so much more. it's about hope. i hope that he gets some amazing memories because i know that in the tu tour there's going to be things that he'll have that are disappointments because of his disease. in one of my dreams is to be a k9 police officer and i'll dream that forever. the experience i know is going to be something that he can carry with him and that geo oh we take our joy in pieces. so this is a very big piece a chunk of joy. >>
10:46 pm
but tomorrow right here on fox5 we will tell ember that his wish to be a k9 officer is coming true. we're going to be live with him all day as he helps the city solve crimes and you can join us live starting at 8:00 on fox news morning and on fox5 zc .com to cheer ember on. he is such a cute tivment he's got such an x factor, kind of an un definable thing, you either have it or you don't. so great nice career choice. k9 officer it's very honorable. >> he'll be so good. i think so , too. i wish it was a little warmer day. i suspect ember won't notice the cold. >> probably not. >> and neither will his k9. we're excited about that here. we'll talk more about what you can expect on friday and the even. it's a cold night and still a little bit of wind. that is making it tougher to spend a lot of time outside. overnight we expect to see some places fall into the upper teens to near 20 and wow, it's cold
10:47 pm
fall to 26-degrees here in the district. it feels like 22 at this hour. let's talk weather headlines so you know what to expect. not only is it very cold tonight, obviously a cold start tomorrow morning and then a bonus, our third time in three weeks we're going to see a few snow showers around. it also looks like another minor event like the other two have been. but it's so cold unlike last saturday we could get like last night a small accumulation in a few spots. the weekend loose nice. not as chilly and it look s like it will mostly be dry maybe with increasing amounts of sunshine. a bit of a pattern change to the milder side. we've got a couple of warmer day s next week. monday and tuesday may even make a run at 60-degrees. so that might feel nice, take the edge off the cold for a little while anyway because we sure know it will be back. a long winter ahead. westminster five,
10:48 pm
mentioned, 26 martinsburg, 27 for cumberland and hagerstown coming in at 266789 obviously we're going to head down to near 20, if not upper teens those northern and western suburbs 26 for map, 26 here in d.c. let's talk about the setup for some snow showers tomorrow afternoon it's going to be a little area of low pressure developing off of north carolina. norm which when we say that that's the kind of thing where we are getting the snowplows away but this is going to develop a little too far away than send some snow showers in our direction because these two pieces won't get their acts together until they're out to see. close enough that maybe the beaches will get an inch of snow out of this tomorrow. it is going to be a cold day and we're concerned that anything that falls in h this cold is going to stick. temperatures will only top out in the 30s and it may be low 30s for many of you. the impact locally here i think it's on the low side but this is more of a heads up so you know to expect this
10:49 pm
untreated surface and you get a burst of snow like we saw last night in places like colombia and baltimore where they picked up a half inch and they picked up some accidents. the timing is between 1:00 and 5:00. if we see some accumulation on maybe a half inch it would normally be east. up toward the baltimore area. the roads will be cold. many of them could be holding on pavement temperatures blow freezing so if they're not treat ed it's going to get white real quickie. here is our little setup with our low pressure system moving toward the coast and pulling in the snow showers. d.c. on west, flurries in the afternoon. some stick age possible east of the city trks east of 95 generally is how we're going to look at it . here's your futurecast so you can see what we're talking about. not much in the morning by noon we're going to see it blossom just a little bit. watch how
10:50 pm
around 3:00. maybe a little rain trying to mix in. i find that kind of hard to believe. this could put down an inch or so. salsbury watch for that yourself. ocean city send us your pictures if you get it. notice that's 4:00. tail end watch it out here and then it's going to be moving on away and the weekend definitely looking a lot warmer. 28-degrees by eight in the morning. by noon 42 and the flurries around at four, 33- degrees. your fox5 seven day forecast, these mid 40s might feel good on saturday. quite a contrast to last week. sunday 49. we're warmer sunday and tuesday in the upper 50s and then a little bit cooler on wednesday and thursday of next week. otherwise it looks like it's a pretty quiet and easy week for us. >> coming uch next at ten:30. john wall dropping a major assist tonight, but not on the court. we'll take you to the special holiday occasion he put on for hundreds of kids
10:51 pm
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the market.redict but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. in his first game back
10:54 pm
ing his way back last night dropping 13 points and four assists and the wizards win. tonight he dropped a bigger assist to 200 kids to the d.c. area. joined local youth groups for a sneak snowing of justice department man ji welcome to the jungle l. the kids got to see the movie aweek ahead of its opening. they were even treated to a special surprise message from one of the movie stars kevin hart. wall says he tries to give these kids one of their fun night out with their sports heros because he wished someone did that for him. i love giving back. i'm glad i have the opportunity to let these kids meet and athlete. i never had the opportunity to do it when i was growing up. to the redskins . jay gruden
10:55 pm
spirits despite the team's five and ate record. with a winning record and dreams of a playoff out of the window, how do player s get up and compete in these final three games starting this sunday against the cardinals? >> i don't think something is hard than another guy facing you and trying to take your wheel from you. what are you going to do? are you going to lie down and let him do it or are you going to come out fighting? that's pretty much what it comes down to. pretty much. good luck getting around campus at georgetown this week because the buildings might not match up with what google maps is telling you. in advance of saturday's match with old biggie's syracuse , students are xing out every s they find on campus. i didn't want people to think i had a typo mention there. duane the rock on\son\{^son} who was in the justice department man ji
10:56 pm
movie retweeted. it said kids have all the candy popcorn you can eat. i'll send the bill to john wall. that's a little message to the d.c. kids present the rock. >> some tense movements in the battle to save an historic battle ground. no one behind the wheel somehow crashes outside of the warner theater. witnesses tell us how it all played out. the big surprise people got when police pulled them over. those stories and more next at 11 1 #. ♪ ♪ think of your fellow man, ♪ ♪ lend him a helping hand, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart.♪
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r just two dollars. >> this is fox5 local news at 11 . right now at 11, a runaway d.c. government vehicle and a person hospitalized, new details about how it ended up on the sidewalk outside the warner
11:00 pm
moments between protestors and police at a meeting about the future of a historic cemetery. plus, what happened after local airport security found this gun how your internet service may change after wawa's big d.c. day beuvment your news starts now. we begin with the bizarre crash outside a d.c. warner theater. a city vehicle with no one behind the wheel somehow jumped the curb and crashed into the front steps of the local landmark. it was really bizarre . the crash sent one person to the hospital. fox5's lauren demarco is live near the theater. first off, lauren, how is the woman who went to the hospital. >>reporter: miraculously she is expected to recover when you look at how forceful this must have been. the van has been to ed away but you can see the skid marks on the sidewalk as it hopped the curb and then smashed into the steps right here at the warner theater. you can see the debris, broken up cement, pieces of metal from the


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